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Title: Moocha Libre
Location: Blue Star complex (by corporate offices)
Artist: Palto Alto College Art Department
Sponsor: Friends of Bernard Lifshutz

Moocha Libre was created by artist Lloyd Walsh and students from Palo Alto College. The design incorporates various Tex-Mex themes, the main composition a three band color scheme of green, white and red, represnting the colors of the Mexican Flag. The composition of the three bands incorporates various floral designs based on Mexican oil cloth patterns. Layered on these patterns are a combination of images common to South Texas, including lotaria cards and Lucha Libre wrestlers. Artist Llloyd Walsh is an instructor of art at Palo Alto College, where he has taught for several years. His works have been exhibited here in San Antonio at Blue Star Art Space and the McNay Art Museum and in San Francisco, where he formerly lived and taught. His bovine masterpiece was created along with students from Palo Alto College.

This cow is one of the 'udderly' unique works of art sold in Herd 4 of the internet auction conducted by Business Here. The Herd 4 auction ran from June 06 to June 12, 2003.

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