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Cows drink 25-50 gallons of water each day. That's nearly a bathtub full.

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Title: Beauvine
Location: Quarry - in front of Whole Foods
Artist: Myriam Lanau
Sponsor: Trudy & Ed Moo

Texas wine inspired the design for 'Beauvine'. Artist Myriam Lanau said, "As a Texan, and a wine drinker, I feel Texas wines are quite competitive. They are not as well known as their California counterparts, but perhaps one day they will be." Myriam Lanau is a local artist who is self-described as a 'cliché': an artist with a day job. Trained and educated as a photographer, she found the cows to be a bright escape from her normally dark subject matter. Her work has been commissioned by private collectors, and displayed in numerous exhibitions throughout Texas. Her work can currently be seen on her site:

This cow is one of the 'udderly' unique works of art sold in Herd 2 of the internet auction conducted by Business Here. The Herd 2 auction ran from May 28 to June 03, 2003.

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