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Title: Cowscarones
Location: Adam's Mark Hotel (Pecan Street & Soledad Street)
Artist: Andy Benavides
Sponsor: Adam's Mark Hotel
Premier Catering

"It has been with great pride to participate in the internationally recognized CowParade," says artist Andy Benavides. Through a collaboration with Michael Nash, former Marketing Director of sponsor Adam's Mark Hotel, it was concluded that the most memorable feeling of our city was that of it's annual festive cultural events at which a common ritual is the cracking of colorful confetti-filled eggs over participants' heads. The 'Cowscarone' was cut into two parts to resemble a cracked egg. The cow is structurally supported with steel tubing and specially mounted to a custom steel base. The base is enhanced as a realistic depiction of Hill Country rock and gives the appearance that the cow, while grazing, cracked in half on the incline.

The cow also features a built in electric fan which blows colored ribbon into the air." Artist Andy Benavides is a San Antonio native. As an undergraduate student at the University of North Texas he had the good fortune to study under internationally recognized watercolorist Rob Erdyle. Benavides is a multi-talented artist, whose many talents include set design and framing. He opened a local art gallery as well as establishing The Calle de Flores.

This cow is one of the 'udderly' unique works of art sold in Herd 3 of the internet auction conducted by Business Here. The Herd 3 auction ran from June 02 to June 09, 2003.

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