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CowParade artists range from acclaimed to amateur, young to old. Diversity in art is ensured by the approach that CowParade takes when soliciting artists and reviewing designs.

Conni Brenner and Wendy Carter have a combined 40 years of experience and comprise the design team of aARTvarks and their diverse artistic backgrounds keep them very much in demand.

Visit their Website.

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Palto Alto College Art Department
mooMoocha Libre
more about this artist
Zita Parker
mooCosmos Cow
more about this artist
Margaret Pedrotti
mooMira Moo
more about this artist
Gay Phillips
mooConeflower Cow
more about this artist
Gay B. Phillips
mooWholly Cow
more about this artist
Michael M. Piech
mooThe Illustrated Cow
more about this artist
Jo Pollock
mooAlamoosey Down the Trail! Only In San Antonio
mooTexas Country Side
more about this artist
Veronica Prida
mooMilk Money
more about this artist

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